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Massage is trauma-informed and therapeutic in nature.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Carson Boron, LMT

practicing in Plymouth, MI

My journey to Massage Therapy is a testament to my unwavering curiosity and deep-rooted passion for bodywork. As a perpetual student and teacher of yoga for the past decade, the mind-body connection has been a constant source of fascination and inspiration for me.

Myofascial Release Therapeutic Massage 


Myofascial Release is an effective therapeutic technique that releases restricted areas of fascia within the body. Fascia is an invisible web-like structure that covers our entire body. When trauma occurs, whether it be physical or emotional, these experiences and memories can be stored within and held, creating constrictions. These constrictions can cause tension, pain and structural imbalances within the body. Myofascial release is a technique that can also facilitate significant emotional release. Allowing the body to truly release and let go. Oftentimes we can be unaware the body is holding on to unprocessed trauma and emotions until awareness is brought to the area. The healing power of receiving therapeutic massage and the effects it has on the nervous system is profound. Massage therapy can also help relieve pain, stress and tension; aid in reducing anxiety and depression; increase mobility and range of motion; as well as improve circulation and quality of sleep. 

60-minute Massage Therapy session - $120

90-minute Massage Therapy session - $150


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