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Gaia Kile

Nurse Practitioner

Specialty Areas

Therapeutic Biography

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with 25 years of clinical experience. I received my Masters in Nursing from the University of Michigan. I work with adults who are referred to me by SMC therapists.

With a holistic and patient-centered approach, I value the importance of listening to and respecting my patients. I offer a variety of therapeutic strategies. I am able to provide medication management and consultation as part of comprehensive mental health care. At times I may recommend nutrients, herbs, and other complementary therapies to support the healing process. Your lifestyle choices can also be crucial to your well being, and simple mind body practices are sometimes the key. 

I have studied with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and the Institute for Functional Medicine, I am Board certified in Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). While embracing holistic approaches I strive to ground therapeutic care in scientific research. Working together with you, my goal is to help to empower you to improve your life.

Gaia Kile

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