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Donna Palma



Practice Owner/Founder
Senior Psychotherapist

Offers in person sessions in Plymouth, MI.

Offering virtual sessions.

Populations Served


Specialty Areas

High Stress Career Professionals
Deep Thinkers / Ruminators
Marriage / Relationship Counseling
Divorce Counseling
Women & Couples with Fertility Issues

Therapeutic Biography

I am a psychotherapist in Plymouth, MI and the owner of Simply Mindful Counseling, LLC.

I chose the name Simply Mindful Counseling because I believe that simple and mindful change is what allows a person to determine their truth, to find their meaning, and to create change to live a happier, more fulfilled life. If you approach life as a journey where you take just one thoughtful step at a time, it will be more manageable.

My purpose is to make mental health care accessible, meaningful, helpful, and simple.

Therapy doesn’t have to be painful to be effective. You can pursue your truth, find balance and create change in your life while enjoying the journey. There are many paths to a happier more fulfilled you. Your path is uniquely yours. I will join you where you’re at, as a guide. Together we’ll choose a path and a pace to explore your thoughts and feelings. This guided exploration will help you gain insight, tools and understanding into why you feel the way you feel. This is the first step on the path of change.

I am incredibly invested in my work and am committed to life long holistic learning. I participate in regular continuing education, I am constantly exploring new treatment modalities, and collaborate with respected wellness providers. This allows me to provide best-practice and evidence-based treatment methods that are current and effective.

My treatment philosophy is integrative, strength-based and patient-centered. I actively engage with every person or couple that sits on my couch or meets with me virtually. I see you through a lens of compassion and empathy. I hear your story and I will help you make sense of it.

People whom I’ve worked with experience this investment and care in a way that has them reaching out years after they’ve met their treatment goals, when they need a refresh, a reminder, have a need to talk something out, or as they move through another tough-something in their life. I work with you, not just to meet an immediate need, but to support you to create your best life for your whole life. This is how I’ve built my practice, and I’ve instilled that same ethic with every therapist who practices with Simply Mindful Counseling.

Donna Palma

Practicing Since 2003


Michigan Board of Social Workers - Master's of Social Work, Clinical License Number 6801086229

Master's of Social Work, University of Michigan, 2003

Bachelor's of Science, Psychology Major Sociology Minor, Eastern Michigan University, 2001

18 years of clinical experience as a licensed psychotherapist

Extensive post-graduate training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Advanced Training and Certification in Trauma and Loss and Trauma Informed Treatment

Payment Methods

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Michigan, out-of-state plans and Medicare) 

BCBS - Federal Employee Program

Blue Care Network 


Priority Health

Medicare Part B

Out-Of-Network Insurance Reimbursement

Private Pay 

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