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David Schindler


MD, Family Physician


Offering in person sessions.

Populations Served

Young Adults

Specialty Areas

Stress Management
Panic Disorder
Pain Management
Smoking Cessation
Athletic Enhancement

Therapeutic Biography

I have used hypnosis in my practice since 1986. I have retired from practice in 2020. Recently I decided to not let my hypnosis experience and skills retire with me since it is such a helpful form of treatment and I am one of the very few physicians who actively uses hypnosis for patients. I have done over 5,000 hypnotic sessions. 

Hypnosis puts a person in a state (a heavy daydreaming like state) where they are thinking throughout the whole thing but gives their upper brain function the ability to get more control and more power out of everything under neurological control. Some people have reservations about it thinking they are under the hypnotists control which is incorrect, it is THEIR brain that controls it, not the hypnotist. I just help them get there.

This is a partial list of conditions I have used hypnosis for. Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Insomnia, Pain during sex, Improve orgasms, ED, Dental pain Anxiety, Fear of flying, Smoking cessation, Weight loss, Nail biting, Drug addiction, Athletic enhancement, Pain relief of joints or muscles, Back pain relaxes muscle, Kidney stones, Migraines, Neuropathic pain, Labor pain, Morning sickness, Blood pressure, Infertility, Raynaud’s, Asthma, Hives, Warts, Cancer and cancer treatment side effects, Tinnitus, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Gerd, IBS, Vision, Bph, Muscle strength, and Issues of swallowing.

Success rates that I have had are in the 90-95% range for most of these, with smoking cessation was 78% and weight management on the short term around 80%.

David Schindler

Practicing Since 1986


State of Michigan Medical License Number 4301407358

Certified by American Board of Family Practice since 1989

Doctor of Medicine, Wayne State University, 1986

Bachelor's of Science in Zoology, Michigan State University, 1982

Payment Methods

Private Pay Only, $150-$200 per session
Sliding Scale

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